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Beehive Frequently Asked Questions

Beehive Overview

Beehive is an alternative social network that simply connect things. Bringing people, communities and business together through social network. We do not use facial recognition, or content manipulation common on other social media platforms. Our members see every post, chat, comment, etc., pages and groups they are connected with, in true timeline order.  

People from all walks of life use Beehive. If you want to stay informed, list products you would like to sell in our adverts section, post a job listing, shop with our online store, connect with your friends and family, or just simply to meet new people. Then Beehive is the place for you.

Beehive is free to all users. There is no membership fees or hidden cost. 

There is no age restriction using our website. This site is based around family and community. 

Once registered, new members should receive an email notification to activate their account. Once your account is activated, login to Beehive and set up your account profile.

No! Beehive will not sell our members information to any third party company. Personal information received will be used based on applications within the Beehive website. 

Beehive can be used anywhere in the world. Stay connected with members across the globe. 

Members can search for other members on Beehive. You must be a registered user to search. The search engine is located at the top of the page. Use the @ symbol to search or type the members name.

Getting Started

To create an account. Simply register or sign up to our website introduction page. When prompt, type your email address and create a login password. Make sure you create a password that can be easily remembered. Recommended passwords for security (Pa$sword7) or ([email protected]). Once you have established your email and password. You will receive and email confirmation from Beehive informing you to activate your account. Make sure you check your email or spam folder. Click the link provided by Beehive. Your account is now activated.  

To edit your profile. Click the profile icon located at the top right of your page. A drop down menu will appear. Under timeline click profile. You are now on your profile page. View will be highlighted. Click Edit and begin to edit your profile. Fill in the required fields. You can set these fields to public or private. Save changes. After your “Base Profile Group” is setup. Click change Profile Photo. Your profile photo will be used on your profile throughout the site. If there is a Gravatar associated with your account email we will use that, or you can upload an image from your computer or phone. You can upload or take a photo. After you have selected your profile picture. Click change Cover Image. Your cover image will be used to customize the header of your profile. After you have selected your cover image. Click Profile settings. In this section you can update your email and password, set your email notifications preference, adjust your profile visibility, edit group invites, change privacy settings, export your data and delete your account. 

You can invite others to join by referral, or by posting our website on your current social media platform, or social group you’re connected with. Help Beehive spread the word. Reach out to each flower and pollinate. Bring the pollen back to the Beehive.   

These guidelines are intended to make the community a more relaxing and enjoyable place for all of our users. Please respect them, and heed the guidance of our staff.

No posting of illegal, threatening, libelous, or obscene content.

No posting of pornography or any content containing nudity.

No posting of another person’s or user’s personal data, such as contact details.

If you are in dispute with another user, please keep the matter private and contact Support immediately.

Shares, comments, or Collections should not be used to level personal attacks on other users, site owners, or contributors.

Do not impersonate other users.

Multiple accounts per user may not be created without permission from us.

No mass unsolicited messaging or commercial spamming permitted.

Requests or Exchanges of Collections, Follows, and/or Comments are not permitted.

You may not insert your business name, business address, or your URL in comments.

You cannot use third party clients or scripts to access Mix.

Breach of these rules, and failure to adhere to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy may result in sanctions being applied to your account, or in its termination.

If you require additional assistance please contact us.